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In today’s world, new technologies play an increasingly important role in the economy and society. To remain competitive, businesses must continually update and upskill their workers’ competencies. There is also a responsibility and onus on individuals to keep up to date with the changing digital landscape.

In this unit, students will explore the impact of a range of digital technologies on the workplace. They will examine how these technologies can support businesses’ aims and services, allow interaction with customers, for example to promote their business, encourage people to visit their e-commerce site, buy goods or services, drive and increase sales and to provide high levels of customer service. The skills generated through an understanding of the practical and necessary use and application of relevant technologies will enable students to present themselves as being digitally literate to employers and give them the confidence to succeed in applying modern, digital methods.


13 Lessons

Getting Started


Digital Business Environment

Use of Digital Technologies

Digital Strategy Plan

Mobile Application Design

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