Managing a Successful Business Project

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About This Course

This course provides a comprehensive overview of effective project management techniques, from initiation to closure.

Students will learn about the project lifecycle, the roles and responsibilities involved, the tools and techniques used, and how to implement and evaluate a project management plan.

The course integrates practical exercises, case studies, and interactive content to prepare students for real-world project management scenarios.

Learning Objectives

Understand the stages of the project lifecycle and the activities associated with each.
Identify and describe the roles and responsibilities in project management.
Develop and implement a detailed project management plan.
Use various project management tools and software effectively.
Communicate and present project updates persuasively to stakeholders.
Evaluate the success of a project and reflect on personal and project performance.


10 Lessons

Module 1: Introduction to Project Management

Fundamentals of Project Management2:48
The Project Lifecycle9:14
Roles and Responsibilities10:04

Module 2: Developing the Project Management Plan

Module 3: Implementing the Project Management Plan

Module 4: Evaluation and Reflection

Assessment Methods

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